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Alice DJ - or Alice DeeJay - is known for the World Wide hits 'Better off Alone', 'Will I Ever' and 'Back In My Life'. Formed in 1998 under the name Alice Deejay, a sassy and sexy trio took over the world. The group faces were lead singer Judith Anna Pronk and dancers Angelique Versnel and Mila Levesque. 
You probably remember the album “Who Needs Guitars Anyway?”, an absolute classic! It featured hits like: 'Will I Ever', 'The Lonely One', 'Back in my Life', 'Celebrate our Love' and 'Better Off Alone'. In 2002 front woman Judy, the dancers and the team decided to call it quits. Alice DeeJay's bangers though, never stopped being played on air and in clubs. Her hits remain favourites till this day.

No wonder that Shakira called in 2013, wanting to record a new version Better off Alone. Within a month David called asking persmission to include the killer hook from 'Better Off Alone' in ‘Play Hard’ by Ne-Yo and Akon. Resulting in another worldwide success for David and renewed attention for Alice Deejay…
In 2014 Alice DeeJay was back in business with a new voice and new faces, managed by… the founding fathers of the group! Keeping it in the family... The revamping also introduced a slightly abbreviated name… Alice DJ.
In 2018 Alice DJ hit another cool milestone: For the first time ever the group launched official merchandise at You can now buy Alice DJ hoodies, t-shirts and tote bags.